How do you connect speakers to optical audio?

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Although most people concentrate on the video element of their home theater system, the reality is that even without great audio; your overall entertainment experience will not be complete. Much like hooking up a video screen, the quality of your sound system can depend on the type of cable you are using to link it to.

Optical audio cable is one of the best options you can make when setting up a theater system or any form of sound system, whether it is a full theater or just a simple stereo. The fundamentals behind to connect speakers to optical audio are not hard to grasp either.

The optical audio cable is simply the generic term for the corporation that created it for anything known as TOSLINK, or Toshiba Connection. This uses optical fibers to relay the sound-creating data used by digital sound signals such as those from today’s CD players or MP3 players, as well as from most gaming consoles or almost everything else. Unlike most images, audio has gone digital and these are the best methods of transmitting the data that make up the sound when you are looking for sound system quality and performance.

Unlike with normal audio cables, an optical audio cable does not have to compress the data in the signal or adapt it to a simple electrical signal. Such cables are likely to be used for anything from a DVD player or XBOX360 device to a professional recording studio; although the higher end, versions are also referred to as ADAT. Most use a rectangular connector even though many round-style connectors are now being used in a number of systems. Be sure to know what kind of connector you need before you buy one or else you can encounter problems with incompatibility.

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There are also different types of converters to connect an optical cable to a speaker. These require the use of an optical audio cable with a 3.55 mm jack or some other jack. There may also be splitters and other converters that allow you to use almost any kind of sound equipment and still get the connections you need. If you are setting up your home theater system in the south, make sure you do not forget the value of sound in the experience. If it’s just simple speakers or a high-quality surround sound system, you need to make sure you’re using the best possible cable.