What does lightning connector mean?

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The Lightning Connector is a connection cable that helps to charge the Apple’s mobile devices. The functions lightning connector does is to connect the devices to computers, laptops, etc.

With the arrival of the iPhone 5 in 2012, the lightning connector was introduced. And thereafter, the iPad was introduced. It is the standard form of charging and connecting them to other devices such as laptops and computers, however, some devices, such as 2018 iPad Pro might use USB-C instead of lightning.

The cable is small with a standard USB-A adapter or a thin lightning connector on the other. The lightning connector is completely reversible, it meant that it doesn’t have a concern which way the connector is facing when you plug in the lightning port. The lightning connector is 80 percent smaller than the 30 pin connector.

What is the meaning of lightning connector?

The main function of the cable is to charge the device. There is a charger and a lightning cable in both iPhone and iPad. Its use is to connect the USB cable end into a power outlet. The device can also be charged with the help of a cable by plugging it into the USB port of the computer. However, the quality of the charge that you get from your desktop or laptop may vary. If the computer or laptop is old, then its USB Port may not supply enough power in order to charge an iPad or iPhone.

The Lightning connector not only transmits power, but it has other functions too. It is also helpful in sending and receiving digital information. It is used to upload videos and photos to your desktop PC or laptop and download music and movies. There is an interaction of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iTunes on your computer. It enables to synchronize the files between the computer and the device.

lightning adapter

The other function of Lightning Connector is to transmit the audio. With the start of the iPhone 7, Apple discard the headphone connector. Apple’s decision was driven by the rise of wireless speakers and headphones. There is a lightning- to-headphone adapter in the latest iPhones that are helpful in connecting the devices to headphones using mini plug connectors.

The only option to the expensive Apple branded adapters is to buy a third-party adapter cable or Lightning adapter.