Can I Wear Headphones When It’s Cold

wear headphones in winter

The invention of headphones made life much easier. This device allows you to listen to music, audiobooks in any public place without disturbing others. However, the misuse of this good of civilization can be detrimental to the health of the ears and hearing acuity. Let’s figure out how to wear headphones correctly so as not to face unpleasant consequences.

On-ear and over-ear headphones

These headphones are very convenient; in the cool season, they can serve as a kind of replacement for a headdress. In this case, it is worth choosing models with faux fur lining on membranes and closed balc, because even the best open back headphones will have excellent circulation of cold air. However, such a device will only protect the ears from the cold, so in cold weather, you should not give up the hat.

wear headphones in winter

In winter, many people wear headphones over a knitted hat, audibility does not suffer from this decision. And if the sound does not bother others, then you can simply hang big headphones around your neck and turn on the music a little louder.

Miniature models are worn under a hat in winter, passing a wire under their outerwear. This will not only prevent the membrane from accidentally falling out of the auricle, but also protect the wires from frost since the plastic insulation can crack from the cold.

This is especially true in the autumn-winter period since many do not know how to wear large headphones with a hat. Those who do not like hats can replace them with large headphones but do not forget that they will only warm the ears. You can wear big headphones with or without a hat right on your neck, the sound from this will be no worse. Besides, you can wear large headphones over your sports hat, but the sound will be much dimmer.

wear headphones in winter

Whichever headphones you choose, as well as the way you wear them, you should never forget that you need to handle them carefully so that they stay safe and sound longer.

TWS headphones

It is also worth paying attention to the now popular TWS headphones. You must understand – if there is a minus on the street, it is better to wear headphones under a hat. First, it’s convenient. Secondly, small batteries in each earbud will not suffer from hypothermia – and this is exactly what happens with modern batteries, the service life is reduced, the earbuds can suddenly turn off. Thirdly, in the cold, it is generally great to use a hat or a hood so as not to chill your head.

Do not forget that the battery is not only in the headphones but also in the charging case. So it’s best to keep it in the inside pocket of your jacket.