How to choose a budget laptop with a mechanical keyboard?

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Before the gaming laptop was launched, nobody ever thought it was possible to play 3D intensive game on this small mobile computer. Everything has changed, now. With the maturity of the gaming laptop, growing numbers of gamers turn from the traditional desktop to the tiny laptop to fulfill their gaming needs.

You will see new laptop models coming on the market every few months as technology progresses. It is important to learn about the laptop parts and what you can look for, when you choose a budget laptop with a mechanical keyboard.

Know RAM

RAM is very important in a gaming laptop mainly because RAM will effectively decide how fast it will run as with any computer. Much as for your graphics card, aim for the maximum available RAM. Know the difference between ordinary RAM and Video RAM. This latter is very necessary to run and enjoy your intense gaming laptop to the maximum.

High-end gaming laptops now come with dual core processors to help speed it up, most players opt for Intel or AMD processors. Go for the best capacity and speed SATA hard disk you can afford.

Screen Dimensions

This affects your experience of gaming. Too tiny a 12 ‘screen for a good game play. A decent screen size is between 15-17’. When you get a large screen LCD display, you can experience stretching or elongation of the image which can affect the quality of the games. Test the accuracy of the picture before you shop.

Life of the battery

The graphics card sucks out plenty of battery capacity. If you are still on the move, consider investing on a lithium-ion battery with 6 cells that will last for at least 5 hours.

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Typically, a gaming laptop is more costly than a regular laptop. You just cannot find a cheap gaming laptop with all the high-end components. If you are willing to compromise on the speed of the CPU you might get one that’s more reliable. A gaming laptop as a benchmark normally costs at least $300-$ 500 more than a standard laptop.

That is what separates gaming laptop from regular laptop. If you are looking for gaming laptop and wish to play a challenging 3D game, you have make top priority must be a laptop with strong video card. Most laptops come with graphics onboard. To get the one with great graphics processing capabilities, you need to be prepared to shell out extra cash!