A letter from Cllr Jake Acock

Cllr Jake Acock

Today, I was fortunate enough to be invited to ask a question on the Victoria Derbyshire show. I walked into the studio as a Team Ed member, but I walked out utterly convinced that I had seen the next Prime Minister in waiting: Jo Swinson.

Why did I make this switch? Concise; collected; confident: three vital qualities that a party leader must hold. Jo does.

Jo Swinson convinced me that she can lead a national government which will unite all remain voters; tackle the inequalities rife in our society; and, most importantly, Jo can and will heal the deep divisions caused by Brexit and Conservative complacency.

Therefore, I ask you you all seriously to consider which candidate is strong enough to take on Corbyn’s socialist left and Boris Jonhson’s far right Party, and to keep the party success building, membership growing and who will lead us to our greatest general election success, we have ever seen?

That is Jo Swinson.

Cllr Jake Acock